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Danielle Ballaine fashioned this stunning pair of 1920’s inspired earrings by wrapping fancy floral brass caps around 1920’s Art Deco hollow blown  jet glass teardrops from France.

The Fred Harvey Era is a genre of lightweight mass produced jewelry made to sell to eastern tourists passing through the southwest. Native American crafts were extremely popular along the Santa Fe railroad lines and were also stocked in hotels and retail stores primarily run by The Fred Harvey Company.

The tourist trade saw incredible growth in the southwest from the end of the 19th century through to 1930. Indian-made jewelry was a popular item that Anglo tourists purchased, to serve as a wearable souvenir of their experiences traveling in the southwest.

The Fred Harvey style bracelets are commonly decorated with stamped arrows, eagles, scalloped edges, The Fred Harvey Co. Thunderbird logo and turquoise. These gorgeous bracelets bring a southwest flare to any modern day attire. We have acquired a fabulous collection of Fred Harvey era Native American jewelry.

Jewelers quickly realized the Anglo taste in jewelry differed from the traditional styles of Native Americans (Navajo Indians) who favored heavy, larger statement pieces and Anglo Americans particularly sought after light weight jewelry with smaller embellishments and stones.

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