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Brass Reclining Deer

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A large jewelry box of 19th century kiln-fired enamel works of art, it has all 5 richly hand worked convex copper plaques without any flaws. RARE as can be. Add to it the probability it is from the enamelists colony working out of Sevres, France (not the same as Royal Manufactory du Sevre porcelains, but a side trade), and is truly the work of a Master enamelist.
Very good to excellent condition for age and type, all 5 large and spectacularly crafted kiln-fired enamel, a spectacular example of one of the most difficult decorative processes known to man. Each plaque of the 5 is as close to pristine as possible, without chips or cracks, damage to note. Might be that a tiny raised white jewel dot or two have gone missing, though I’m dazzled by the box and have not noticed them if there are, so look it over in our large and detailed photos, please. The florals are exquisitely done, all of the type we know to be from the enamelists of Sevres, France (not the RFMS, which is a porcelain manufacture).

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    • Thanks to your great store I have already gathered quite a large collection of vintage jewelry!

      • Yes!You right!

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